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N-SSA Western Region

The Cannoneer 

February 2021

A month into 2021 and things really have not changed much. We have new people in charge and the same old issues. Covid-19 virus is still ruling the country. And we all are waiting for the warmer weather so we can go out skirmishing. Let us hope the vaccine gets distributed to the public by May so we can break some targets and then sit around the campfire eating some good vittles.  


Mechanical Mishap, Mental Error or Russian Interference?

As you were reading the last addition of the Cannoneer you soon discovered that the second page was corrupted, denying you of the happenings of last October. This corruption was unintentional and baffling. In haste to get the non-news out, the commander did not notice the white out. He only found out afterwards. If you were held spellbound and wondering what did happen to our Commander and his friends out in Virginia check out the newsletter on the Battery H website.


Up Coming Shooting Events

As expected due to the Covid-19, the N-SSA has stepped up their rules and protocols for skirmishing. They are taking into consideration the national, individual state and local regulations. How these will directly affect our season and events are yet to be determined. But as stated in the last newsletter it best to make plans with the hope that they will happen than do nothing. So mark down these dates on your calendar and hope for the best.


April 10th Battery Practice (Possible meeting) Sandy Ford Sportsman Club

This will be a one day event. You are invited to come out and shake off some of the winter rust. Individuals can dial in their groupings, try a new bullet or powder load or just socialize and have fun. If we get enough numbers we might try to run a little mini-skirmish. We are thinking of inviting other local unit’s members to add to the fun. The Commander might incorporate the grilling of meat and lunch.


April 24-25th Loami Illinois Lefthander’s Club

This will be the first attempt to skirmish in 2021 hosted by the 114th Illinois. Loami is a small town just southwest of Springfield. It is about a 3 hour drive from Chicago. The range is a little hard to find so bring a good map.


May 19-23rd Winchester Virginia 142 National “Spring” National Skirmish

The first of the two National Skirmish held in Virginia. Musket, Carbine, Smoothbore, Spencer, Revolver and Mortar team competition are on the schedule. There is plenty of firewood waiting to be used. Bring your raingear for it has been known to rain now and then.


June 5-6th Appleton Wisconsin Twin-city Skirmish

This is about a three-hour drive north along Lake Michigan. The Battery has not officially attended this skirmish, so not too much is known about it. This would be a good time to find out.


June 26-27th Streator Illinois Sandy Ford Skirmish

Also known as the Frank V Matuszek Memorial Skirmish, this skirmish is hosted by the Battery. Plan on being out there the day before to help set up the range and prepare targets and other tasks that will need to be done. Normally there is the opportunity for some of us to shoot as well.


July 17-18 Bristol Wisconsin “Friendship” Skirmish

First of two skirmishes that is scheduled to be held at the Kenosha County Conservation range and is close to home. There has been some issues of starting times being changed at the last moment but normally this is a decent skirmish.


August 28-29 Beloit Wisconsin 46th Illinois Skirmish Invite.

Last year was the first year for this range and the only skirmish hosted by a Western Region team. The host team always offers a good skirmish and this one should follow suit.


September 18-19(?) Bristol Wisconsin “Friendship” Skirmish

Normally skirmish are a two day event but this one was only listed as an one day event. Not sure if that was a typo, or it actually is only going to be an one day skirmish. There is enough time for them to work out the details.


September 29th – October 3rd Winchester Virginia 143rd National “Fall” Skirmish

See the above description of a National Skirmish and add an apple harvest and fall colors. It is for this reason this is normally the higher attended event. Also October can be drier than May but don’t bet the farm.


Non-Skirmishing Events

Again organizations are like us and are starting to plan to host different event. They are hoping that the world will get some sort of control on the Covid-19 virus and try to get things back as close to normal as possible. So there are a few events with dates that the Battery normally attends. Mark these down as well and then roll the dice.


April 24 Spring Wheaton Civil War Relic Show Wheaton Illinois

Like years past, this is the same Saturday as the Loami Skirmish. The Battery has divided forces to attend both with mixed results. The last two Aprils when the Battery attended were cold rainy with a little snow mixed in. There have been some good days as well. Some people like this show for it gave them a chance to shop and sell. Others like the chance to talk to people about our hobby and socialize. As the event gets closer the Commander will be contacting you to see whether you want to skirmish or socialize.


July 4th Brookfield Independence Day Parade Brookfield Illinois

This is a small short parade that occurs in the Commander’s home town. The Battery offers a color guard for a small fee which goes into the Battery’s general fund to help cover costs. The minimum of 4 people are needed. Two to carry the flags and two to carry firearms. More are always welcome. Those that attend might have a chance to visit the zoo afterwards or stick around for some food, live music, and fireworks.


September 25th Fall Wheaton Civil War Relic Show Wheaton Illinois

This is the second offering to attend a fine show put on by the Zerko people. Normally we set up an outside display and try to recruit and educate people on the Civil War and the battery itself. There are no conflicts with this date and hope to avoid any.


The following are possible events but we have no dates.


Civil War Display at Brookfield, Illinois

Brookfield was originally named Grossville, after the founding father S. E. Gross. He enlisted in the Illinois infantry at the age of sixteen. His parents found out and had him mustered out a week later. They sent him to school in Pennsylvania where when he turned eighteen, enlisted in the US cavalry. The Commander had a small discussion with the president of the Brookfield Historical Society and the idea of offering a display by their old train station. Details were not really discussed but both agreed that it would be something they should follow up on.


Grayling Long Range Match at Grayling National Guard Range, Michigan

This is normally the only chance to fire the cannon at a respectable distance. They also invite mortars as well. This event has normally been held late summer to very early fall. There are always rumors that it will be cancelled for one reason or another. They try to give all the battery units a ninety day notice. That is all we can hope for.


Wauconda Civil War Days Lake County Illinois

Controversy was the cause of the cancelation of the 2019 display. Last year it was Covid-19. The whispering in the wind is that they will be trying again to resurrect this event somehow with political correctness. The Battery has participated in the past by putting on a display and offering demonstrations. If this event happens again, the Commander would like to see the same but a little more polished offerings.


Kankakee ISRA Rifle Range NRA days Kankakee Illinois

The one event that the Battery attended showed great promise as a future chance to recruit new members. It was hot and the anti-gun climate was strong so the attendance was not what they wanted. The next two year’s events were cancelled. And now there is question of the status of the NRA itself. If this event does happen, it will be against strong odds.


So write all these down and let us hope that most of them do come true. Please do all that you can do to stay healthy and happy. Remember it is better to stand six feet apart than it is to be buried six feet under.   

Battery H

1st ILL Light Artillery

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